Thanks to Larry at Canned Ham Trailers

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This guy has videos on everything you need to know. He also has classes too! Join the crew!

Peaches Open House

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Photos of the party we had so that our friends and family could come see Peaches finished and set up as she will be when i take her camping.

The Bellini Toast! My husband and I
Thanks for coming Carol!
A party needs favors! I hand painted each bag and attached felt leaves i cut out. Filled with peach flavored candies.
When your name is Peach…..(from Finding Nemo)
Peach Teapot from my cousin Susan. Love it.
My cousin Susan, She also made all the curtains inside and these adorable pennant flags. Thank you Sue, Love you!
details….luggage tag on vintage luggage
Funny towel gift.
Kate Spade sandals i had to have.
Peach and Pancetta Crostini’s
Peach and Prosciutto spears without the balsamic (forgot to add before photo)
A cute custom sign from Larry Conway of Conway’s Customs
With a tremendous amount of help from Frank!
Frank and his wife Deenna and her daughter Ally. They brought us a lot of treats on long work days to make it a Peachy Life.
Aunt Bonnie and my cousins, Robin and Brenda.
A gift that made me cry, Anne gave me her grandmothers canister set. She was tearing up as well. Thank you Anne.
Anne, a good friend, thanks for the canisters!
Flamingos are part of the glamping world! This one is soft and cute.
Peach salt and pepper shakers came from my Midwest Glampers secret sister!
My grandsons from one daughter, Yes she has 4 boys!
Future bar cart, I have a collection of Peach flavored liquors to serve at big outings. I hope everyone stops by at The Peach Bar at some point.
Treatsies, all Peach themed of course.
Thanks to Maggie at Apricot Sugar Art!
Anna, Anne, Susan and I
Peach Lemonade for the kids.
Peaches Library, All Peach related!
My Great Aunt Viola in these photos and a postcard she sent to my grandmother from one of her trips out west. Plus a work of art of my camper from Claire (soon to be a famous artist)
vintage props that are useful
My daughter and her husband toasting with a Bellini, Peaches Signature drink.
The Journey is the trip. Enjoy!
Oldest Grandson JJ
Me Me

Peaches is Finished!

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7 years later, She is finished. Enjoy the photos. Thanks to my brother in law Frank Picchi , you have helped me make a dream come true., I really can’t thank you enough for all the time you have spent helping me finish this beauty. Also thanks to Larry at Mobiltec for all your help, videos on YOUTUBE, classes and responses to my emails.

Frank and Val
Happy to be done….well we still need to order those baby moon hubcaps.
Frank, His wife Deenna, daughter Ally and I
This bed pulls out and the bolster drops down so it is a true twin size bed.
Close up of the Chevron pattern on my bench seats.
Potty room.
Isn’t she sweet as a peach?
Yes, i took out the stove, i plan on cooking outside or if it rains, i can heat something up in the microwave, plus i have more counter space this way.

Windows and Trim and other misc stuff…

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Don’t forget to take the tape paper off all the sides before you install them….learned that the hard way…
Now those solid windows have to be held in with a black tape as well as the keepers.
Larry always responds to my questions. Thanks Larry, you are the best!
Cleaning the frames with Mothers and 0000 steel wool. Then with a buffer on my drill.
See that shine?
This frame was bent pretty bad, so Frank torched it, heated up the metal and used blocks and a clamp to try to straighten it.
Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Straight!
New glass, cleaned, polished , new discs and seals installed.
These gave us a lot of grief. We had glass cut a few times, we ended up using Plexiglass/Lexan and a RV window seal. I am not happy about the color but i am thinking of a rubber paint to lighten it up.
With the Eyebrow all shined up and we put the screws around it before paint to have the authentic look of the original installation without all the leaks.. hopefully…
I need to stress this again, don’t forget to take ALL the paper off the tape before installation.
The big front window goes in.
Waiting for the back window glass, had to be cut a few times.
Ahhhhh, yes the Shasta Emblem
We put all the wires in this plastic sleeve to protect them.
It works!
Now for the brake inspection…
The Magnet makes the brakes work. I am learning a few things today, will i remember? Well…
I found out what the slot was for, ordered a custom piece for it.
Also found out what this bottom slot was for and ordered something for that as well.

Peaches is Painted!

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We took her to Psychotic Air in Batavia , Illinois , picked out colors that were closest to what i was looking for. She is Peaches and Cream for sure! Next up: Putting Peaches together again!

Nearing the finish line?

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Trial fitting and getting holes drilled before going to paint. Notice the blue tape and pencil marks show us where the wires are so we don’t drill through them.

It’s July 2020, the year of the Pandemic, can it be possible that we now have the time to finish Peaches? The last few weeks we have been getting her ready to go to the painter. We finished building the door, dry fit the windows, side lights and struggled with the front side windows. My brother in law Frank was a body man for years before he became a tech guru and now my hero for helping me restore this old camper into the beauty she is today. The reason i bring up that he was a body man is because he didn’t like the window seals on the dreaded solid dinette front windows and he wanted to use an RV or automotive window seal. I don’t like that it is black considering that i am going to want to paint with Peach and Cream colors. But we have tested some vinyl and leather seat paint that is flexible so we are going to try to paint the seals. We also had the glass cut to fit the holes he cut so we could use those seals but in the end we decided to go with the plexiglass.

We had glass cut after making a pattern of our cut out but we decided in the end on using Plexiglass.

Below are some images from the door build. We had the original screen door and Frank built the new door.

Justin stops by to check it out.
It’s not in perfect condition but usable.
I was able to get this part new from a Midwest Glamper friend, Cheryl, and we put that in .
Justin is impressed.
If you see the original photos we only had one rear window on my camper when i bought it so that worked out fine when we changed the configuration and put a bathroom on this side.

We reused the jrail even though its in rough shape, i bought new ones but they aren’t the same shape and i just like the original look. Also used the old wheel well trim too. We have the emblems to put on and a few more inlet and outlet covers and the rear lights and license plate frame which should be done this week. Fingers crossed so we can finish and get to paint next week.


Grounding day

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I started this post last July of 2018. It has been almost that long since we worked on Peaches.  I wanted to get these photos in here but i am not sure i will remember all the details. I know we were rewiring the camper. We had to cut holes for lights ect and get the wires to the correct spots. There is also some photos of the back end and how we made the finished end on the bottom of the camper and other photos of how we cut around the trailer front. There is also a few pics of how I made a marker pen the right size to mark the top of the camper so we could cut it off at the size we wanted. I will ad more information if i remember something. I think that this is the summer we finish Peaches but i don’t want to jinx us. Knock on wood.

64969039_10156783083599032_5186717886651039744_n 65818937_10156783083319032_5504093893693538304_o 65824009_10156783083814032_777266064122707968_o 65826427_10156783083094032_2889775574388047872_o 65839294_10156783084519032_2473566511529197568_n 65847816_10156783082619032_731464721856724992_n 65885843_10156783082449032_3469067285665153024_n 65893520_10156783064309032_2053400018559172608_o 65895301_10156783084599032_4217037360681975808_n 65951342_10156783084484032_7098948983095033856_n 66071182_10156783083569032_5978555061117124608_o 66091666_10156783083159032_2816614547417202688_n 66110648_10156783082489032_9089942409583788032_n 66117218_10156783082569032_2213323817315467264_n 66145605_10156783064224032_6249423637565145088_o 66185996_10156783083574032_6950932659044352000_n 66216115_10156783082524032_6853378167747379200_n 66271318_10156783053699032_619565830065094656_n 66298857_10156783053754032_4061970852109877248_n 66343249_10156783066429032_1294278778217824256_n 66487035_10156783084744032_7293659568817569792_n 66498562_10156783082629032_4034964621738639360_n


Two steps forward and one step back, still gets things done.

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It has been a few years since my last post. Since then we have changed our minds on a few things. First and most noticeable will be that after all the shellac testing and talking about keeping it original, in the end, i didn’t like the color combo with my Peachy , Coral colors. So i decided to the dismay of many purists to paint the interior a cream color. Now it will be Peaches and Cream colors on my camper named “Peaches” We have redone a lot of things over the last two years, i will post photos and tell about it as i go along.29214700_10155710295609032_8608397758757339136_n


The bed in back was also modified after we decided that we wanted the legs to fold up under the top and slide out as i pulled it out. I bought a twin size comfortable memory foam mattress and had it cut down to fit. with the pull out and another piece cut as a bolster for it as the sitting configuration and then as the bed gets pulled out and the legs drop in place and lock, the cushion drops down and makes almost a twin size bed.  I had it covered in the same fabric as the front seat cushions by the same company but i had a cream fabric on the back side so when i sleep it doesn’t get too hot like vinyl would normally do. I will have sheets on it too but this added detail with help out with the comfort level for sleeping but still keep it easy to clean.29214596_10155710295829032_3235341865565814784_n




The reason that we couldn’t get a whole twin size back there was that i wanted to have room to open the bathroom door.


The Bathroom was another place where we scraped the original idea and made it better. I was originally OK with a portable Loo. But then Frank said he could put in a real bathroom for me and i said that would be great. We had to make some adjustments because the tank couldn’t sit below the floor so it had to sit on the floor. So the toilet sits on top of that.  Still a comfortable height and a much better solution for emptying! IMG_0893a

The plumbing is covered by a box and the back shelf with the wavy edge was originally across the whole back of the camper was cut in two so one side is on the inside of the bathroom and one half is on the outside of the bathroom.29217047_10155710295704032_9091519229517103104_n

We also put in a little cabinet that we will put a mirror over but decided against another little sink as the sink is right outside the door and its much too small.


The cabinet door has just been painted and is drying. I’ll post finished pictures at the end.

The front Dinette overhead cabinet was a mess and we ended up re making the whole cabinet.



We love this tool for this and and other things. This was a Frank favorite tool.







In this photo you can see the kitchen, the cabinet on the right is smaller because a stove vent used to be hung there and a stove sat below it. As i plan to mostly cook outdoors i decided to put in a bigger fridge instead. I also have a small counter top microwave that my sister bought for me in case of inclement weather and starvation :).  This gave me more counter space and more room for goodies. I lost the cabinet on the other side where the icebox was because i turned the bed sideways to make room for the bathroom. 29216626_10155710295489032_8663781254665076736_n

Here you can see Frank putting in  the small cabinet next to the back bed.IMG_2571


You would be surprised how much you can fit in small spaces in a camper so don’t waste any of it.


The kitchen table was reused and we glued the new top on and put the old trim back on and polished up.


I think at this point before we put the back 1/8 birch panel on we had to finish the electrical and the plumbing. Luckily Frank knows a lot about stuff like this and if he doesn’t he finds someone who does or looks it up and figures it out himself. IMG_0895







Finally the back of the camper got closed up.

Frank came up with a great idea to sand the wood to better fit the curve of the camper but still fit a straight flat window in the proper place.





Trial fitting the window after we replaced the broken glass then cleaned, buffed, re-screened, and added new seals.



I don’t really remember which happened first but i am adding the air conditioner heating unit here. Which has also since been modified and one of the hoses, the output has been moved to a new location lower on the front, i’ll add the info on this unit and the new photo all installed at the end of this reno project.IMG_0889a

Before i start putting in the photos of the finishing up of the outside skin and insulation i want to add some interior detail photos here. The front light fixture was originally a propane lamp which we had modified to be electric. The glass fixture is a reproduction sold at Menards.IMG_9535

I was glad this fixture was in good enough shape to re use it.



The Bathroom fixture is a new fixture 🙁




The hallway one is original.





A rare sighting of my baby girl come to visit.11756513_10153123975364032_319149181_n


The Insulation came next.



We put in all the insulation, the vapor barrier Installed the side metal and trial fitted the WINGS!IMG_3476a

Thanks to Larry at Mobiltec for the idea to make this rig to help with raising the metal to be attached to the sides. Watching his videos has gotten us thru this project. I love his motto ” I make mistakes, so you don’t have to!”







Did i mention that my sister  Sharon gave me my wings? I love that.




Then on to the other side. Frank did some acrobatic moves balancing between the wall and the camper.IMG_3717




Yeah, he is pretty bad ass. 🙂 I forgot to mention that i used this spray adhesive to get the insulation to stick, it made everything stay in place.IMG_1711

It was time to cut the metal, we knew it had to be less than 3/4 of an inch overlap so that the edge would be hidden by the j rail. So we rigged up this marker and wood piece to be the right size line to follow with the tin snips.







Then it was time to cut out all the windows and openings that we needed.






The wheel wells needed to be cut out too, we saved all the metal so we could use pieces as a pattern if we needed and that helped us out in  few situations.




I also wanted to mention that we put metal pieces to protect the wiring and then on the metal we put tape where we knew there was wood behind so we would know where to put the in field screws an so that we wouldn’t screw through wiring or plumbing.IMG_0781






We started to add the roof skin , but the metal wasn’t siting right because i had too much insulation. So we had to remove the vapor barrier from the roof and the front and back and peel away half of the insulation. Let me tell you that is a nasty job, wear a mask and long sleeves and then change your clothes as soon as you get home.IMG_6211



Then after the insulation was removed and the vapor barrier replaced and the skin put back up on there, it sat much better. And i need to mention that we first used only 3 straps across the roof to hold it down while we are working and after we added the 4th one it worked much better. You do whatever you can to avoid buckling the metal.IMG_6756a




Francisco lends a hand whenever needed. Thanks!



The second piece that attaches to the front slides into the top piece. We decided to cut out the window so we could clamp it to the sides while working on it. So we slid it into the channel then held it there while Frank traced out the opening. Then we took it to the work table and cut it with a razor and bent it back and forth to get a clean break.






Then we clamped it up so he could staple it and do the edges and the bends around the edges. Using a block to stabilize the metal and a rubber mallet to hit the edge with slowly and methodically he wrapped the edges.








It is here where i will mention the cuts you need to make along the way to make the metal lie flat and not buckle. This is key, especially around the edges.



Today we were lucky, Frank’s wife brought Truffle and Dapper to visit! She also brings us Flavored Ice Tea on hot days. Thank you Deenna for brightening our day!




So that’s it for this post. Hope to post another real soon.



Cabinet Making

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Frank built the cabinet around the fridge to match the rest of the kitchen, and i helped 🙂 He really loves the Joint Pro. It is an invaluable tool for using dowels to join wood. It lines them up perfectly! On the other hand, the most exciting part for me today was getting to use a brad nailer!11196379_10152949813904032_691480882_o 11207961_10152949809439032_1365188933_o 11211524_10152949809479032_1614007125_o 11215410_10152949809409032_547226876_o 11242907_10152949813864032_1669025056_o

Here it is August 2015 and my last post was in May. We are still working on the interior cabinet making. We have decided to make the potty room into a real toliet room! So we are collecting all the necessary plumbing supplies to complete that. We also decided to add a few more cabinets and that is probably why we are still working. We decided to cut down the old big cabinet and make at least a small one to hang a few things or with shelves it will hold plenty. In a camper this small every bit of space must be used wisely. Plus we are finishing the cabinet we are making for the bathroom too.

That cabinet is waaaaaay smaller but will still hold a lot.


Shellac Testing

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Tested the Shellac today. Amber Shellac with 20 percent Denatured Alcohol. We tested it on samples of all the different wood in the camper. There was the original wood that needed to be sanded, the new birch, also sanded .and the pine parts, again sanded. Then we applied the Amber Shellac waited for it to dry and reapplied. It took 3 coats to get the darkness we liked. Then we did 3 coats of clear. The Amber really shows off the grain of the wood. I was originally going to paint the interior but after all this hard work, Frank and I decided that we need to go original on this one. We can always paint it later if we don’t like it.


11158123_10152918379589032_646655754_n 11134308_10152918379674032_1744129771_n 11165868_10152918379724032_394374280_n

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