We’ve come a long way baby…

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It has been a few months since my last posts. Living the crazy, wonderful life! We only work on “Peaches” on Fridays and we have only missed a few. We are making great progress!10599829_10152374931469032_1996556870_oI took photos of the back wiring and framing so that we know where things go when we put it back together. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take photos! Because you think you will remember how it goes back together, but you won’t 🙂



10611930_10152374944449032_1556907028_o You Can see how the roof sags in this next photo, we will reinforce it when we get to the roof.
10612147_10152375038779032_1810989328_oNow here is where it gets interesting…. We took all the trouble to save the old birch interior to use as a pattern for the new birch then Frank had a grand idea… Slip the whole sheet of birch in, clamp it and cut it with a jigsaw! Before we started, we had to decide if we wanted to use the 4 foot sheets as they came or cut them down to 3 feet like the original. We went with the 4 foot pieces because there would be less seams. The next thing we did was to add 1×2’s to the framework because now the seams didn’t line up with where the framing was. It was an easy fix and makes the whole camper much stronger!










10621970_10152393375069032_757862204_n Sam started on the Insulation as soon as the walls went up 🙂 For now we are using a spray adhesive to attach it, but i am worried about it slipping down into the walls over time. Before we close her up i hope we solve that possible problem.10437271_10152393474229032_119562733_n

Sam and I had a great time using the Palm Nailer to attach the birch to the frame with the nail screws.  It can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it you will love it.
10585401_10152408304124032_1816711244_oJoe is always ready to lend a helping hand.

10634157_10152408400174032_141753523_n Frank using the Radial Saw to cut more birch
10612088_10152408394869032_1336141141_o He taught me how to use it too! It is loud, and scary in that you could cut your fingers off.  Besides that, making sure you are putting the wood thru from the right side seems to be one of the most important things i learned. I just hope i get to use it enough so that i can remember it :).

After we put in the birch panels, it was time to put on the curbing. We measured and cut and realized we would have to compensate for the curve and the three layers of plywood. As you can see each layer was shorter than the next.10638806_10152408563524032_540229910_o



This is much better

photo (5)



There is a steel bar like this in the front of the camper and in the back. It adds strength to hold the table inside.10662862_10152437820309032_535347907_o




Look how nice the front looks now! On to the back…



I took photos and measurements of all the shelving, brackets for anything that was there and made a drawing so that i could put it all back in the right places.10704988_10152437848139032_784630062_n



EWWWW, i was so glad when we took this panel out.




Notice the trees are still green in the background, not for long 🙁



We finally got that big cabinet out and the spider was gone… ewwww, i wonder where he is….


We were so excited to put the cabinet welting on. We stapled it down at just the right spot, can’t be too much hanging over, you just want to see the rolled edge.




In this photo below you can see the welting goes all around the curve and around the door frame.


Frank, always measuring…. measure twice…. cut once 🙂




Imagine how exciting it was for us to put the first ceiling pieces in…. then double it !


Frank made a piece of wood to brace the ceiling so our arms didn’t get so tired 🙂


In the meantime while we were working in August. My sister was buying me a birthday present… The best present a sister can give… She gave me WINGS!!!!

10707334_10152473060599032_1191614390_o 10718173_10152473064309032_746941333_o



In September i went over to Kings Mill in Wasco , Illinois dragging my old nasty camper seats with me10501462_10152280896094032_1570573325_n


I came back one day to see how it was going to look. I brought a pattern i made for the Chevron design. I loved talking to these guys about the reconstruction of my dinette seats.






They held it up so i could get an idea of how they were going to look.


They retied the springs, fixed the frame and put new stuffing inside.

10718078_10152478489234032_686457847_o 10718774_10152478362559032_1310970670_o


I left feeling very happy about the great work they were doing!



We continued working and putting in the wall panels in back.


Wow, next is the new floor.



The day came when i picked up the seats…. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!10732208_10152513859294032_1680377387_o

Maestro of Kings Mill10726742_10152513921899032_1452985620_n


I love Minivan’s …. Say what you want , but nothing is as versatile!!!10728527_10152513859214032_646990181_n


We put in 3/4 inch plywood flooring in. We cut it, glued the old floor and then screwed the new one over it. Look how nice this is… No more old musty smell!



So as you can see we have come a long way baby…



The leaves have turned into beautiful colors of fall. We need to get ready to move Peaches for the winter so we can park our cars in the garage. Luckily we have a warehouse to move her to so we can work all winter in a warm place.10731234_10152515702709032_210171871_o



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