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Samantha joined the Navy! She is in basic training at Great Lakes Naval Station. She wrote me a heartwarming letter, thanking me for all the opportunities we gave her and for all the fun she had working on the camper.  I plan on sending her pics as we go along with the restoration of “Peaches”.  She will pop in when she can to check on our progress.

“Peaches” has also moved to a new temporary home. We shrink wrapped her nice and tight and moved her on a flat bed trailer to the warehouse.10856314_10152609628039032_750205185_o


After much contemplation, I have decided to change the original floor plan from thisf099e21ef2435d28ad9e521327cb0729

to this..

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We took out the stove and i will put a refrigerator there with the counter top extending over the top giving me more counter space. I gave up the wardrobe cabinet to have a toliet room. After taking out the wardrobe cabinet we started on building the bed. We wanted to make it so that it could be used as a bench during the day for seating and then pulled out at night to give me more room to sleep but still leave enough room for someone to get by me to get to the toliet. 10947876_10152732583954032_2108110593_n


The curve on the back of the camper was a tiny challenge but i think it came out great!10952360_10152732199104032_1321673330_o 10951110_10152732584194032_1432089398_n

Frank loved the Joint Pro! He was able to drill holes that perfectly lined up for the dowel rods. The rods make this sleeping bench stronger and makes us feel like cabinet makers 🙂


10937748_10152732540744032_1818632943_n 10934650_10152732217704032_88259546_n 10942479_10152732217804032_233563682_n 10941673_10152732199379032_1686381159_n 10928589_10152732199299032_1019796136_n 10934678_10152732201319032_1888103420_n



The wood lines up so that it can slide back and forth to bring the bed to the full size or push it back to be a bench.





This is the finished bench or so we thought. After we made this nice hinging system we realized that it won’t work exactly as we wanted, It sticks out too far from the wall and a few other concerns with the window height ect. So we are taking that hinged piece out and it will sit on top and then i will push it back when time to go to bed, just like the original design of the bed from the back.





The next step was building the inside bathroom wall with a door opening. We clamped 1/4 inch birch plywood to the outside wall so we could use it as a pattern.

10592152_10152774293119032_379475105_n 10997206_10152774531069032_69860317_n 10984803_10152774293359032_83261424_n 10979423_10152774528179032_499311104_n 10984854_10152774451909032_1574853038_n


cutting out the doorway two sheets at a time. One for each side of that wall.


11003192_10152790802439032_829423367_o 11016436_10152790801494032_2080787580_n


Then we added wood to frame the inside of the inside toilet room wall, then we glued it and clamped it.



11015264_10152791218804032_1988392388_n 11004960_10152791135584032_778146251_n


After the glue dried we added insulation. We used a spray glue to hold it in place.




Then we glued the other side to it and clamped it up.



We put it in temporarily to see how it looks. We are nailing it all together before the final installation.



I love seeing it all come together! Thanks again Frank! I am glad you share my interest in restoring this peach.


11008943_10152805424634032_454719017_n 11016613_10152805213634032_1058280657_n




The kitchen cabinets are next!  The counter top was hard to find but i am very happy with my choice. I originally wanted the boomerang pattern but i couldn’t find it in the color i wanted. I tracked this down and it has a similar feel. The manufacturer only had 4 sheets left and I bought two. Enough to do my table and my counter top.nevamar-twist-and-shout


Then we should put in the tile. Staying with a peachy/coral and cream theme i picked these tiles from Home Depot.Cantaloupe_sale AntiqueWhite_sale

I highly doubt they will do free installation 🙂  Especially since i want to cut each 12 inch tile into 9 inch tiles. I would like to do that to keep it in style with the original tiles which were that size.



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