Moving along…

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It is funny that just when you feel like you are really making great progress everything looks like this…10594239_10152366615189032_744232171_o 10587262_10152366615099032_856700677_o 10600046_10152366614974032_306572193_o 10590777_10152366615414032_935167682_o 10536619_10152366560614032_667442585_o

We feel a great sense of accomplishment even if every piece of the camper is spread over 4 garage spaces.


The Vent was a little difficult to remove as it was painted with this silver slush that is hard as a rock and painted over the whole top. The only place that didn’t have it was the hole Frank found in the top.10592197_10152363593894032_617727650_n











The top sides came off next.10585058_10152363549944032_342249573_o

At this point, there is only one small piece of skin on the back of the camper.10589359_10152364091564032_1007446305_o 10590828_10152363519774032_2099328119_o 10602395_10152363474994032_1911713453_o 10578784_10152363520074032_894819925_o


It is a good idea not to take too much apart at one time. As is the case for the curbing that sits on the framing and follows the curves on both sides of the camper. If you leave some on, you have a place to match the new with the old. I learned that and so much more from watching videos on

http://www.cannedhamtrailers.com/ .

(See Larry? , i was listening!)

His videos are very detailed and i can’t thank him enough for giving me the courage to try to restore this camper.

Check out his video tutorials! They are very informative!


The curbing is made up of 3 strips of 1/4 inch plywood. The thin strips are wrapped around and then glued and nailed or screwed into the framing. We will be taking off small parts of the curbing at a time so we can match the new curbing to the old so the depth stays the same. It is extremely important to make the framing and curbing the exact same measurements as the original material so that the skins fit when you put it all back together.


Samantha screamed today when she was trying to remove the big closet. She said she saw a huge spider that she described as about the size of her fist! He crawled back into the box that sits over the wheel wells and she couldn’t get to it. So he lives another day, I just hope he doesn’t crawl out and into my house!10588943_10152363583584032_1951150189_n

Frank replaced the wood around the wheel well today on one side and it looks great now.10602427_10152363886809032_1005578502_o


He is replacing the wood on the frame to the right of the  new wood you see there. He had to cut the two carriage bolts that hold the camper to the trailer. I found new ones that are stainless steel so they won’t rust.




and the scraping continues, 4 squares at a time…



Take Vacations

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I like any ad that gives you a reason to travel…2715c632858d8c31edf4ccda68852545


Knight In Shining Armor Appears

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Samantha and I were pulling out parts, carefully labeling each piece. I took photos of each part before we removed it and even saved the screws in baggies and labeled them for where they came from. All our tools are put away at the end of every workday and I am feeling very organized about the whole process. I bought the black shelving unit you see in the photo so i could stack the windows to save space.10565747_10152329745239032_248850950_nI took this photo so i could remember how the skins of the camper go together. It is a little blurry but you get the idea.
10559231_10152329344684032_343185381_nWe took the J rail off the front next10559090_10152329377274032_1210479487_n10571127_10152329481339032_171184558_oIt was at this point that our Knight in shining Armor (aka my brother in law Frank) appeared! th (2)10567989_10152347269074032_21356428_n
My apprehension about this project disappeared as soon as he walked in the door. He brought his tools and we got started.

I should mention at this point that Frank had the idea that we should cut that front curved piece on each side out of one piece of 1X6 wood instead of using 3 pieces of 1X2 like it comes from the factory. Each of the three pieces was on an angle and stapled together.  It was very wobbly. The first tool he showed me how to use was the Jig Saw!20140725_165744_resized10570625_10152346590259032_439153626_n20140725_124044_resized

We had my husband and my other brother in law checking in on our progress.10565834_10152334655914032_1508533052_o 10561935_10152334655949032_925538554_o

The paneling is loaded with little screw type nails that have to be dug out. It is painstaking work. I  bought a few different tools for this job but i keep coming back to the Cat’s paw as my go to tool. 10563467_10152335173914032_151398535_nWe Duct taped the pieces together so that we could get them out in one piece to use as a pattern to cut the new piece out of 1/8″ Birch.



We had a little trouble getting the water tank out so Frank cut a hole in the top so we could get at the fittings that go through that side of the camper.


That is when i got to use a blow torch for the first time!!

10558511_10152334652199032_2140724001_o (1)

I heated up the fitting so that Frank could unscrew it from the tank and remove it.



Sometimes you find little treasures when you open all this stuff up. We found old newspapers, a toothbrush, many cigarette butts, and a plastic box from the Union Plaza Hotel/Casino Las Vegas. My favorite surprise was when Sam found this…10559067_10152347269364032_1333390213_nWe will not be painting over this… Big Ken would want it that way!


As you can see Frank and Samantha made metal plates and attached them to all the places where the pieces joined. Now that front end is very sturdy! 20140731_174815_resizedBy the end of the Day Frank had the whole front framing rebuilt!  I am so thankful that Samantha and Frank are enjoying this work as much as I am. 🙂



Getting started…

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I thought I was on my own and I was thinking I could do it myself if only I could learn how to use some power tools. I took a wood working class in high school with Mr. Dispensa as my teacher, and I made a fabulous butcher block cutting board for the final project but that was the extent of my experience.   Samantha, a friend of my daughters who is staying with us has been interested in the renovation since the day the camper was delivered. She helped me rip out the carpeting and take out a broken window on the first day.10509458_10152281103229032_276254217_o20140529_183153
In that first photo you can see that there was no window, just an old wooden frame with cardboard in it. I found two windows in the closet that look like they might fit. So now I need to decide if I should replace the matching window on the other side of the camper. The problem is that  one is original. The ones in the closet are similar but aren’t the original design. Below is the gross carpet we pulled out. 10488907_10152280896159032_487796034_nWe had a pile of smelly innards by the end of the first day. 10518886_10152281082454032_858756258_nA few more before photos20140529_183233 20140529_183053 10416843_10152237317894032_1586191461_nThere was an incredible amount of water damage, from every window and the vent in the ceiling.10426068_10152237287109032_1874551525_o 10417108_10152237317269032_1097048057_n 20140529_182953 20140529_183159 20140529_18301310429788_10152280862069032_1161714871_oThe seats in the dinette area smelled awful and were destroyed also.20140529_183003 - Copy 10501462_10152280896094032_1570573325_nUnder the carpet we found the original tile. A beige with streaks of pastel colors in it.
10514874_10152280828294032_662953234_n 10490161_10152280828359032_1961327546_n We have been scraping the floor taking turns with this great little tool, Chicago Electric Multifunction Power tool which I bought at Harbor Freight. It works great, but it is a slow process and the vibration gets to you after a while, that is why we take turns on the scraping. Some people just put another subfloor on top and don’t bother taking the old tile up, but I felt that it was too loose in spots and we might feel the bumps under the new floor, so out it goes. Slowly…10577863_10152347269789032_1762129031_o


1963 Shasta Airflyte Restoration Begins…

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2014-06-06 018
Here she is on the day she arrived. I haven’t named her yet. Her name will come to me. I found her on a website called tincantourists.com.  I was so excited because I had been searching for a year and a half to find a canned ham style camper.  I have bid on a few but to no avail. The morning I woke up and saw this one, I jumped on the chance to get her. She is missing her wings but I didn’t care because I knew I could get her new wings.

securedownloadI called right away, and when the owner called back I bought her immediately. She was in Arizona and I considered going out to pick her up but I figured out how long the drive was and how much gas I would use to go out there, so, I decided to list it on Uship.com and find someone to drive her home to me. That site is interesting because different companies bid on your job. You can check drivers out and see comments that other people who have used them have posted.  You decide not only on price, but experience. They show you how many times the service has been used. Wyatt from Texas picked her up and called me. She was in much worse condition than the above pics showed. In my excitement, I never realized there was no picture of the door side. There was a window missing and the door didn’t stay shut. But I didn’t care, at this point it was like adopting a dog, in my mind she was mine and whatever I had to deal with I would do it happily! When Wyatt pulled into my driveway 3 days later, I was so excited I can’t even explain how tickled I was.2014-06-06 001rev  He parked her for me and handed me the title, which said she was a 1974. I thought she looked older, so I immediately put her picture up on a club page on Facebook called Vintage Shasta Trailers. I started getting comments immediately on her age 🙂 They said she looks more like a 1960’s style. They were so helpful, they told me to look at the underside of the sink to see when it was made. I found that the sink was made in 1962. Then on another day someone told me to look behind the mirror to see when that was made. So I took the mirror down and it said March of 1963.2014-06-06 023  After talking to other people with the same looking camper, we determined she was a 1963. Now the only problem was that my title said 1974. In Illinois you must have a title to get plates. I went to the currency exchange and got my plates.  I was excited when I got what I thought was my title in the mail. It wasn’t. It was a letter saying that it doesn’t match any records and that I would have to fill out the following forms and have either a dealer verify the info or a police department. I have never driven with a camper on my hitch and she was in such bad shape, I was not about to drive her to a dealer an hour away. So, I decided to call my local police department. They were nice enough to send an officer to my home and he gladly signed off on the Vin number. He also agreed with me on the year and signed off on that too.  Yesterday I got the title in the mail, and now I have a big smile on my face!

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